​​​How To ​Enroll With Social Media Like A PRO – Richelle Zealley – Attraction Marketing Coach

​​​How To ​Enroll With Social Media Like A PRO

Imagine flipping a switch, and almost effortlessly attracting a stampede of new high-quality prospects.

The secret is to leverage the power of social media influence.

And my friends Whit & Cari Higham are spilling the beans on how to do it.

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Whit & Cari are leaders who are getting tremendous results in their business, using a strategy called the Influence Enrollment Method.

Thanks to this little-known method they’ve passively attracted over 75,000 prospects.

Their teammates are rank advancing at record breaking speed.

And their sales are on fire.

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Cari and Whit Higham are sharing their knowledge about enrolling new prospects on social media in a special Black Friday training.


Social Media​ Enroller

What Is Social Media Enroller?

Social Media Enroller is a brand new training by attraction marketing and recruiting experts, and Multiple 6-figure producers, Cari and Whit Higham.

The training will be delivered LIVE on Black Friday, 29 November at 1pm Eastern/10am Pacific Time.

This training is perfect for new network marketers and seasoned veterans alike. Because this training reveals the strategy to learn how to become an influencer on social media and recruit a 6-Figure Team…even if you’re brand new and have no credibility. Cari and Whit are the perfect trainers to teach you exactly how this strategy works, because this strategy transformed their lives.

Before applying the method Cari and Whit will be breaking down inside of this special live training, they were struggling network marketers driving hours to prospect strangers on the Las Vegas strip.

They had little influence offline or on social media, but had the strong desire to grow a powerhouse team and make an impact. After taking action with their Social Media Enroller strategy and teaching their team to duplicate their efforts, they went from little to no influence to building the fastest growing team inside of their network marketing company.

Instead of keeping this strategy all to themselves, they’ll be breaking it down on our annual private Black Friday training.


As you share this training with everyone you know who needs help building their business the right way using social media, you automatically help a great cause as well.  The Elite Marketing Pro community will be donating a hefty chunk of the proceeds to a very special organisation – Heifer International.

Richelle Zealley

Hi, I am Richelle Zealley and I help people develop their businesses to create freedom for themselves and their family, using powerful Social Media Strategies. I am a working Mum with a successful business I run around my family, part-time corporate job and other commitments.

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