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Why people buy? An email marketing primer

This is an article written by one of my mentors from the Elite Marketing Pro community, Vitali Grinblat. What’s the number one question any effective online network marketing strategy needs an answer for? The “million-dollar question” every entrepreneur must be able to answer? It’s this: Why do people buy? There’s more than one reason, of course, but I’m about to […]

How magnetic sponsoring works: Automatically attract endless new prospects and team members

This is an article written by one of my mentors, Ferny Ceballos.Have you ever seen, at some point in your network marketing career, a well-respected, already-popular, and successful person join your network marketing company and almost overnight had dozens—if not hundreds—of people join their organisation? These people seem to create “instant” success, right? All they seem to […]

How to make your goals stick

It’s that time of year again! If you’re anything like most folks, 1 January always brings big aspirations about what’s possible for the coming year. Maybe you’ll…Hit the gym?Quit smoking?Spend less time on Facebook?Write a novel?Get your business into the black?Start a business?Quit your job?Whatever fresh start you’ve got in your sights, I’ve got some sobering news…  […]

​​​How To ​Enroll With Social Media Like A PRO

Imagine flipping a switch, and almost effortlessly attracting a stampede of new high-quality prospects. The secret is to leverage the power of social media influence. And my friends Whit & Cari Higham are spilling the beans on how to do it. >>>Full details right here.<<< Whit & Cari are leaders who are getting tremendous results […]

How to attract more prospects

I had a problem…I was a working mum, who loved her job but was over driving an hour (sometimes longer) to and from work each day for not much reward. My husband and I had been discussing side business opportunities (most of which took us away from our kids as they were hospitality-related) and so I […]

Why building an online brand eases recruiting

Something I love about building my business online is I can sit on a bus, in Las Vegas, after a weekend-long industry conference and share my knowledge and passion with people around the globe – which is, in fact, what I’m doing in this pic (after ziplining along ‘Old Town’). Earlier this year I left […]

How to Use the Time-Tested “PAS” Social Media Post Formula to Attract Red-Hot, Ready-to-Buy Leads

How would you like to learn the all-time #1, time-tested social media post formula for attracting red-hot, ready-to-buy (or ready-to join) prospects into your network marketing business? Sound good? Excellent! Because that’s what I’m about to reveal. This formula works whether you’re posting on your personal Facebook profile, running an ad, or posting on your fan page. Honestly, regardless of […]