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Five learnings from growing an online business around a young family

Have you ever felt like you are doing so many things to move yourself forward but they're just not working? Maybe you will relate to my story..

Just before I had my second baby I was given an opportunity to to step into a more senior role in my organisation but I wasn't prepared to take the role as I already had a toddler at home and our newborn was imminent. This really made me think about my stage in life and how a family and corporate career were not really conducive and if we were to 'get ahead' financially we would need to find a better way than both my husband Chris and I working full time. 

Interestingly, just as I was returning to part-time work after six-months maternity leave, Chris and I had been discussing business opportunities, most of which took us away from our kids as they were hospitality-related. And so I was looking for something I could do on the side, around my family that could provide a residual income. 

That's when a network marketing opportunity came to my attention and interestingly I almost said 'no' to even hearing what it was all about.

This business opportunity was unlike anything I had ever seen before which made it more attractive than some of the negative press I found in my next Google search. The low start up cost and ‘no brainer’ element of the offering got me intrigued, which is why I jumped in straight away. 

I was ignorance on fire…🔥🔥🔥

I had some success with people joining my business because of my passion and enthusiasm, which was amazing! However, they didn’t have my interest, drive and determination to continue with their businesses and eventually I had a team of great customers and no business builders.

I was at a loss…I didn’t know what to do and almost quit BUT I’m not a quitter and saw countless others have success online using social media. So, I knew there was an opportunity for me to build my business online I just didn’t know where to start...

Not long after I was sitting next to another side-hustler on a plane bound for LA (from Melbourne) – we were each heading to our annual global conferences. And she started talking about the world of Attraction Marketing. 

That got me thinking…this is what I’ve been looking for. It offered a way to truly build a global business online as I could:

✅ Learn the skills to literally reach millions of qualified prospects who have already done some research and personal development.

✅ Reach people looking for an alternate source of income.

✅ Seek out people looking to make a change who are willing to put in the work to do it.

Something I’ve learned along my journey is that this industry is not for everyone. However, it provides an opportunity to live a life of time and financial freedom for anyone who is willing to put in the work, build their knowledge and network.

I’m so excited that I’ve found a system to help me succeed in growing my business. I’m prepared to help anyone who joins my team by sharing the formula for success I’ve been following for the past three months to help them achieve their business and life goals too.

Much of my work is done while my children sleep so I can be present for them while they're awake. I've also learned how to use a range of automation tools to really set myself up for success. 

Here are five skills I’ve used to grow my network marketing business while investing in myself and education.

1. Be interested 

Did you know that we are our number one favourite topic to talk about?! This skill is all about listening to the people you're talking to and getting to know them. Be interested in other people without trying to prove how interesting and great you are. 

2. Don't act needy, clingy or desperate

If you adopt an attitude of "I need people for my business, but I don't need this particular person for my business" and come from a posture of 'divine indifference' people will be drawn to you and your offering. On the other-hand, it's not about being flippant or uncaring, it's more about being realistic and not bugging and constantly reaching out to people who are not interested. 

3. Never operate with an agenda

If you do something for someone, do it because you're nice and it's what you want to do...don't do it because you expect something in return! A hidden agenda makes makes the situation extremely uncomfortable. Doing something nice can be as simple as sharing valuable content online or helping someone solve a problem.

Unfortunately in the network marketing industry we're often told upon joining to make a list of our friends and family and start contacting many cases these are people we haven't connected with in years. Yes, we may genuinely want to share our business and opportunity with them however, there's a way to show them what you're doing through building curiosity and helping solve a problem.

4. Project confidence

Success in the network marketing industry, as with so many others, has a lot to do with influence - if you were confident and had great relationships with people who perceive you as a successful person (and you're talking to them about creating financial success) than that will have more bearing on whether people join you in the beginning.

Confidence is all about thinking and acting as a successful person would, then when you start to do the things confident people do you'll have the results confident people have.

Look at is as a Be. Do. Have. scenario - go out and be confident and results will come to you. The more you…

  • Practice, the more confident you will become.
  • Get results, the more confident you will become.
  • Help people, the more confident you will become.
  • Invest in your knowledge, skills, and education, the more confident you will become.

5. Develop skills

Skill development is so important and I am incredibly grateful for this in my network marketing business. Personal development has opened my eyes to the importance of daily activity in terms of knowledge and development.

At first I didn't know how I would fit this in - my life consisted of being at work, taking the kids to and from activities, cooking, washing, cleaning, exercising, spending time with my husband, working at night...the list goes on. But of course, where there's a will there's a way! I started plugging my phone into the car stereo and listening to audio books, YouTube clips, Sound Cloud trainings, facebook lives and more! And now - I can't listen to the radio...I need to listen to PD while I'm in the car. 

Knowledge and skills will…

  • Help you listen to others to discover how you can help them.
  • Enable you to realise there are plenty of people who are already interested in what you have to offer.
  • Give you the confidence to deal with all kinds of prospects – even the ones who say “no.”
  • Make you instantly more attractive to your prospects.

The best way to work on those skills?

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Thanks for reading! Cheers, 


Richelle Zealley

Hi, I am Richelle Zealley and I help people develop their businesses to create freedom for themselves and their family, using powerful Social Media Strategies. I am a working Mum with a successful business I run around my family, part-time corporate job and other commitments.

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