Meet Richelle

Hi, I'm Richelle,

I am a working Mum with a successful business I run around my family, part-time corporate job and other commitments.

After having my second child, I was looking for an additional source of income that would mean I could work part-time in my corporate career and do something else around my girls. That's when I found my network marketing business - which I absolutely love! This opportunity has helped me capitalise on the ability to earn a residual income while working alongside my day job and other commitments and the personal development opportunity has been incredible.

Then mid-way through 2019 I was feeling a little overwhelmed and slightly burnt out as I had approached my entire warm market and was looking for an opportunity to build my network marketing business online so I didn't have to be away from home as often as I was and to reach a wider audience from the comfort of my home. That's when attraction marketing came across my facebook feed and I jumped into the exciting world of attraction marketing.

Are you looking for an Easy Way To Recruit People Into Your Business Online --Rejection FREE-Without Wasting Your Time & Money Chasing Dead Beat Prospects & Leads?

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